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Laser Tag - Battlefront

Buy tickets in advance for special deals!!!

January 15th & 16th 2016

  • Middle School Night - Friday January 15th
  • High School Night - Saturday January 16th
  • Group Sales - Friday & Saturday Night
  • Pre-Purchased Tickets- Friday and Saturday Night

4 Ways to Buy Tickets

  1. Online Using the Link Below
  2. At the New Leaf Event Center Church Office
  3. Emailing/Call Us
  4. At the Schools on WedJan 13 (High School) & Thursday Jan 14 (Middle School) At lunch!

(6pm - 11 pm both Friday and Saturday Night)

The Following Tickets can be bought online:

  • Single Game$3.00 + $1.00 (Service Fee) = $4.00
  • All Night Access (Fri or Sat) $20.00 + $3.20 (Service Fee) = $23.20  
  • Both Days All Night Access (Fri and Sat) $30.00 + 4.70 (Service Fee) = $34.70

(PLEASE NOTE: Tickets bought online will have service charge fees already added on top of ticket prices!)

The New Leaf Event Center is bringing two, that right two, nights of laser tag to Conneaut Ohio!! On January 15th and 16th be ready to bring your team of friends to the Event Center Battlefield arena where fog, darkness, and black lighting will test your skill levels!

Wondering what exactly you will be using to win a game for your team? Well let me tell you that not all laser tag guns are created equal! As the lion is the king of the jungle, the Tippmann Barracuda is the king of laser tag! The Barracuda is as hard-core as it looks! With tactical-grade optics and RF signal communication you know in real time who you’re tagging and who is tagging you. The Tippmann Barracuda also has the best range of any commercially available laser tag system we’ve found on the market today; rated for 1000’ range (3-4 times the range of most laser tag systems available today). The Barracuda give you total control over your game-play experience! You have command of your own destiny when using this blaster! This is definitely NOT your grandmother’s laser tag… of course when your grandmother was younger there was no laser tag at all, so that goes without saying! If you’re looking for a serious, dependable, and fun laser tag experience; look no further than the Tippmann Barracuda, one of the worlds most elite blasters

Now that you know what you will be using for your laser tag experience, do not forget to come out and see our facility on the 15th and 16th of January!  Tickets will be sold at the New Leaf Event Center main office, by calling 440-593-2525 and letting us know what you need, by emailing me at, by contacting us on Facebook, and we will even be in person at Conneaut Middle and High school next Tuesday and Thursday! Be sure to listen for announcements to know when and where we will be!

Below shows a flyer of what the night will consist of and the SPECIAL deals we offer for ADVANCED TICKET SALES, especially if you are in Middle or High School! Also there are special deals if you buy your tickets in advance or if you bring a group with you to laser tag on either night. Do not worry we also sell tickets at the door in case you miss us! Please buy your tickets early as we are offering some incredible deals to come and play laser tag.